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2.4.2. Submission Tags and Resources Administration

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Submissions
> Step 2.4: Set Up Each Submission

Next Step(s)
  1. Review Submission Setup and Submission Tag fields in the Setup Guide, Step 2.4 table
  2. Review each default submission type in your account
    (Administration > Submission Types > Select Type > Update)

    • Verify the name
    • Verify the category
    • Verify the entity selection rule
    • Add submission instructions (add description if applicable)
    • Add resource files when applicable
    • Verify the submission tags/add new tags if applicable
      (Administration > Submission Tags)

    • Verify the type (file type or Certification of Completion)
    • Verify the filename template
    • Verify the acceptable formats
    • Enable narrative (if applicable)
    • Turn on/off review and approval; add instructions
    • Turn on/off acquiring through compliance requirement; set days
    • Place submission in the appropriate submission group(s)
    • Place submission in an email notification group(s) (if applicable)
    • Flag as a key submission, transparency or include in the board packet (if applicable)
  3. Add new submissions that are missing
    (Administration > Submission Types > Add Submission Type)