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Our Story

We are a non-profit organization of passionate professionals dedicated to helping people and organizations make a difference for kids. We know education. We’ve served as teachers, administrators, board members, authorizers, association executives, and leaders of business and technology.

We are a values driven organization. And we always strive to live our values and treat others as we want to be treated. We believe when people are empowered within a framework of responsibilities their performance and productivity increases.

Our passion is to advance excellence in education so it works better for our kids and our country. Epicenter is the embodiment of our passion: a web-based software system that equips leading organizations around the country to empower people, share information, and achieve results.

Whether you want to increase your capacity or simply end the paper chase, Epicenter can help. Contact us and we’ll show you how to leverage the power of Epicenter. And you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your organization is on top of its game!


James N. Goenner, Ph.D.
Founding Team Member


Meet the Team



Meghann Russell


Stephanie McKean


Becky Nix


Casey Truelove

Mindy Britton

Kim Wells

Zac Driver


Niroshena Jayawardena

Michael Sturd

Jill Urban