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10 Nov


Empowering Diverse Organizations for Greatness

November 10, 2016 | By |


Though Epicenter is rooted in empowering authorizers and operators with the tools for effective portfolio and performance management, Epicenter’s power can and is now being harnessed by financing and development partners that make it possible for school founders to turn their dreams into reality. These organizations, such as HighMark School Development, have experienced how Epicenter simplifies and brings consistency and clarity to the management of any recurring task or event.  HighMark recently included an article on their usage of Epicenter in their quarterly newsletter.

Facility finance organizations can use Epicenter to easily manage the process of vetting schools, streamline required reporting, manage documents, and maintain data and historical information.  The municipal bond market can use Epicenter to help manage the lifecycle of a typical bond.  With automatic email reminders of what’s due, when it’s due, and who is responsible for upcoming tasks, organizations can eliminate surprises so they can plan ahead and balance their workloads, share information, make key documents readily available, and automate their workflow and reporting.  That way, people and organizations are better prepared for whatever may come their way.