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16 Sep


The Entire Lifecycle of a School

September 16, 2016 | By |


As an authorizer, imagine being able to track and store the first piece of paper generated when a school is in the process of applying.  Next, think of the documents needed at the time of reauthorization. Then imagine if the school closes in 10, 20 or even 30 years and having to track and store all the documents that need to be completed during the closure process.  This can all happen with Epicenter!

Epicenter provides a single location managing documents and records during the application, startup, operating, reauthorization and closure of a school.  When using the application features of Epicenter, your organization can store every letter of intent and determine when to give access to Epicenter to those who will be submitting an application.  Once the application has been uploaded, it can then be routed to an individual at the authorizing office for a completeness check.

Next, your internal and external reviewers can receive and review the application and upload their completed evaluations.  These evaluations are then routed to the lead reviewer.  If the applicant is awarded authorization then the school can easily be transitioned to the contract, startup and operating requirements.   If the school is denied, then you can remove the applicant from the active list but still have quick access to any of those applicants’ documents.

By leveraging Epicenter from the day you receive the school’s letter of intent, you can rest assured that all of your information is in one location, and give the applicant immediate access to Epicenter.  This can streamline your process, greatly reduce the learning curve of the system and set everyone up for long-term success!

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