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Compliance & Workflow

Be efficient. Boost transparency!


A System for Success

More is achieved when schools, boards, authorizers, and support organizations are aligned and working together. That’s why Epicenter is designed to allow collaboration within and across organizations. By sharing a common platform, everyone has access to the documents and information they need to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

Make Compliance Easier

Imagine the larger impact you could have, if you spent less time keeping track of everything you’re supposed to comply with, chasing documents, repeating directions, and monitoring reports. Epicenter streamlines and automates these functions so they become routine, freeing you up to spend more time on your core mission.

Eliminate Excuses. Get Peace of Mind.

Using a shared calendar of expectations, Epicenter automatically notifies and reminds people what’s due, when, and to whom. Then its workflow engine ensures submissions get routed to the right people for review and approval. You’ll even have a digital paper trail to prove it.

Don’t Aim for Compliance. Achieve it.

Epicenter transforms compliance into a process that works

The Compliance Dashboard

Know where you are in the compliance process


At-a-glance, track compliance in a whole new way!


Know what documents are on-time, accurate, complete, and past due.

Star Rating

See the level of compliance at-a-glance for schools and boards.

Show Search

Filter by a single entity, a collection of submissions, or a type of submission.

Drill Down

Drill down into the detail behind each chart.

Simplify workflow

Better submission management to make your time count

Submission Narratives

Increase clear communication and understanding with the narrative feature in the submission process. Submitters can now impart their thoughts, ideas and evidence directly into a submission requirement.

Key Submissions

Make critical documents easy to access in Board Center, School Center and Document Center. Filter through these documents by their status to see which ones are under review, approved, and rejected.

Reuse Past Submissions

Search for an existing document across entities that can still be used or can be referenced when satisfying a requirement.

Discussion Alerts

Communicate more effectively by being automatically notified when a note regarding one of your uploads is added to Epicenter. Subscribe to email alerts on other submission notes with the right permissions.

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 What It Means for You

   Portfolio and performance management

  • Eliminate surprises by establishing annual calendar of reporting requirements.
  • Plan ahead and balance workloads.
  • Monitor submissions to ensure they are timely, accurate, and complete.
  • View compliance ratings by topic, organization, and time.
  • Securely access, view, and share documents 24/7/365.
  • End the paper chase – Document. Report. Relax!


Save Time and Money!



“When you consider how much oversight and compliance efforts are costing you now — not just in money but in staff time — the system really is a valuable tool.”

Kathryn Mullen Upton
Director of Sponsorship
Thomas B. Fordham Foundation | Ohio