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End the Paper Chase!

Get your documents in order

Too often your time is wasted searching for documents. Epicenter streamlines document management by providing a structured framework to easily collect, organize, and track documents. Its powerful search engine also allows you to find, retrieve, and share documents anywhere, anytime, and anyplace.

Epicenter is your digital file room

Get what you need, when you need it

Empower and keep your team in sync by ensuring they have access to current documents and historical records they need to succeed. Epicenter enables you to instantly view and share information, make key documents readily available, automate workflow and reporting, inform decision making and demonstrate results. It’s safe, secure, and backed up nightly.

Collect & Organize Documents

Fulfill Reporting Requirements

Access, View, and Share Information

Search with More power

Have the facts at your fingertips

Get the confidence that comes with knowing your team has the facts and documents to promote, protect, and defend your organization. Knowledge is power- let Epicenter empower you.

Search Inside Documents

Search by Title

Search by Submission Type

 What It Means for You

  Accomplish more in less time

  • Quickly respond to information requests
  • Be prepared for press calls, audits, and media inquiries.
  • Know where and how to locate all of your documentation.


“The system is very easy to navigate, and everyone is very friendly to work with. … They are always more than happy to help or explain something.”

Kathy Sickles
Administrative Assistant
Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West | Ohio