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03 Oct


12 Sep


NEO is Making Education in Minnesota Stronger

September 12, 2017 | By |

This feature will focus on educators who are using Epicenter and are making a difference in their communities.

Located in the North Star State, Novation Education Opportunities (NEO) is a leading authorizer of innovative, diverse, and effective charter schools throughout Minnesota.


While the Mall of America, hockey, and snow might be the first thing that comes to mind when people think of Minnesota, it is also one of the founding states of the charter school movement.  Early on Minnesotans realized the transformational power of charter schools, and they looked to charters to improve and strengthen education throughout Minnesota.


In 2009 NEO formed as a nonprofit corporation and began authorizing schools in 2010. NEO currently authorizes 23 charter schools.


NEO was approved by the Minnesota Department of Education as a single-purpose authorizer and, therefore, is not part of a larger organization or part of another non-profit. Its mission is “to authorize and oversee charter schools through consistent, ongoing and robust evaluation to achieve significant and measurable student growth.”


Prior to 2010, there were more than 50 authorizers in Minnesota; now there are 14. In 2009, the laws governing charters changed in Minnesota; more requirements were placed on authorizers, making it difficult for some to continue.  Therefore, many authorizers chose not to continue and NEO received a number of schools through transfers, in addition to starting 10 new schools since that time.


“One thing that makes us unique is that, in our focus on academic performance, we also facilitate sharing, which was a main impetus for charter schools in Minnesota,” said Wendy Swanson Choi, NEO’s Executive Director.  “The idea was that charter schools would find more effective and efficient ways to meet student needs and share that information, so everyone could learn through sharing effective practices.”


NEO has also been using Epicenter for over four years and has found that Epicenter helps it fulfill its mission.


“Epicenter has given us the ability to collect information, organize it, secure it, and review it,” Swanson Choi said.  “Thanks to Epicenter, we have been able to reduce time in collecting documents and free up our time to provide meaningful and useful feedback to schools and facilitate sharing to reach more students with a higher quality education.”


One of the exciting things about NEO is that it has 10 new schools, eight of which are already in operation.  These schools had strong first years in academic and financial performance.  NEO was able to provide meaningful and useful feedback and facilitate the sharing of effective practices with these schools to support their work in meeting student needs.


NEO’s new schools will face the upcoming school year with the same positive outlook as their more established counterparts with strong enrollment and with strong academic growth, proficiency, or both—thanks in part to the effective practices that schools have shared with them.


“I can’t imagine overseeing 23 schools in a meaningful and useful way without Epicenter,” Swanson Choi said.  “We have a list of 20-30 documents we must collect and review from each school throughout the year.  Twenty documents from 23 schools is a lot of paperwork!  If it weren’t for Epicenter we would be spending our time on the phone with the schools trying to figure out who submitted what and when, leaving little time for feedback or sharing.”


“One of the useful services with Epicenter is that schools get a heads-up on what is due to the state and can then check a box to certify that they submitted a document on time.  That way, they don’t need to duplicate services by sending documents to NEO and to the state; yet we know the school has met the requirement.”


Not only does NEO serve schools statewide, they serve a very diverse portfolio of schools that serve a very diverse student population, which is also part of their mission.  One of the reasons that they have achieved this is because they reach out to many community leaders and encourage them to think about starting schools to meet student needs.  And they have had a positive response.  For example, they authorize one of the only Korean language immersion language programs in the state.  They also authorize one of the only high school Montessori programs in Minnesota.  They authorize Avalon Charter School that is completely flat-managed, which means the teachers, and to an extent the students, are responsible for the management and decision making. In addition, NEO authorizes Lionsgate Academy, a school with a high-quality program for meeting the needs of all students, including students on the Autism Spectrum, and high schools that focus on a successful school to college and career transition. This diversity strengthens the knowledge and skill base of the portfolio of schools. Whatever a school team needs, there is likely a NEO-authorized school that can help by sharing strategies.


As the Executive Director, Wendy Swanson Choi first got involved in charters by being an ESL teacher and starting the ESL Department in the South St. Paul school district.  She then became an education consultant, which she successfully turned into a full-time career for many years.  That gave her the opportunity to wear many hats in both traditional district schools and charter schools, and meet school leaders statewide.


Her focus was on collecting data, analyzing it, and identifying strengths and needs to develop strategies and monitor the effectiveness of implementing the strategies.


She also served as an interim director and board member at Nova Classical Academy while her son was a student there, overseeing the financial turnaround and expansion to a high school.  She served on the founding team and board of a new charter school, Venture Academy. And she worked at Minneapolis Public Schools, serving as their School Improvement Specialist to improve student performance.  From there, she took her vast experience in education and went to NEO.


But Swanson Choi’s experience goes beyond Minnesota; she had her start in education teaching English in Korea.


When she is not working hard to help Minnesotan students, Swanson Choi likes to go to the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area, which straddles the United States-Canada border and is located just west of Lake Superior.


“And to balance the work, I really like being out in the environment, especially canoeing and hiking,” said Swanson Choi.  “I also like being with my family—my husband and three sons, my three sisters and brother, and my parents who live two doors down.  And I’m fortunate because I love my job and it is my passion!”

06 Sep


Upcoming Events

September 6, 2017 | By |

CARSNet 3rd Annual California Charter Authorizers Conference

September 11th-13th, Sacramento, CA
We are excited to be sponsoring the CARSNet 3rd Annual California Charter Authorizers Conference. Epicenter will be a part of the Pre-Conference Training Schedule at the conference.  We will be hosting an Epicenter Intensive Training session for those authorizers interested in a deep dive of Epicenter.  Our teammates, Dr. Darlene Chambers and Meghann Russell, will also be presenting at the following session, Epicenter Experience.  The conference highlights include:

  • History and legal structure of California’s Charter School Act
  • Using on-line resources to find relevant law, regulations and other guidance
  • Reviewing charter petitions using a rubric aligned with legal standards
  • Developing an oversight agreement and monitoring calendar
  • Understanding academic performance and accountability
  • Using school site visits as part of effective oversight
  • Monitoring financial reports to ensure sustainability
  •  Intervening when things go wrong
  • Making tough charter renewal decisions


National Association of Charter School Authorizers Conference (NACSA)

October 16-19, Phoenix, AZ
Join us at this year’s NACSA Leadership Conference in Phoenix, October 16-19! As the nation’s only conference for authorizers, by authorizers, it’s a professional development and networking opportunity you won’t want to miss. Our CEO, Dr. James Goenner will be presenting a session entitled: Rethinking Regulation and Performance Contracting.  We are also excited to be hosting our annual breakfast again, please stay tuned for more details.


Florida Charter School Conference

November 1-3, Daytona Beach, FL
We are excited to be one of the supporting organizations and corporate partners for the 2017 Florida Charter School Conference. The Florida Charter School Conference is an annual event presented by the Florida Department of Education’s Office of K-12 School Choice and the Florida Education Foundation.  This multi-day event draws between 800 and 900 attendees and more than 350 exhibitor representatives.


The conference is designed to provide Florida charter school authorizers, operators, administrators, and teachers the opportunity to network with each other and Department of Education (DOE) staff, share best practices and gather information from key DOE personnel during one-hour breakout sessions, and meet with exhibitors who offer goods and services designed for the charter school community. Come visit us at booth #312 and  join our Senior Vice President for Programs and Services, Dr. Darlene Chambers, at the following breakout session presentation, Finding the Right Match:  Excelling in Facility and Finance Navigation.

24 Jul


Back to School Refresher!

July 24, 2017 | By |

With the start of school just around the corner, we thought we would quickly highlight the main features of Epicenter. If there is a feature you are not using and would like to learn more about, or you just want a refresher before the school bell rings, contact us and we would be happy to work with you to show you how to take advantage of our time-saving features!


Document Management
Whether you’re looking for a piece of paper that was stored across the hall or across the state, Epicenter streamlines document management by providing a simple system to easily collect, organize, and track documents. Its powerful search engine also allows you to find, retrieve, and share documents anywhere, anytime, and anyplace.


Compliance & Workflow
Your job is to help provide the best education possible for your kids, not to chase documents, repeat directions, and monitor reports. Epicenter streamlines and automates these functions, freeing you up to spend more time on your core mission.

For example, Epicenter offers a shared calendar. Using this feature, you and your team will be automatically notified what is due and when, and who is responsible. Epicenter ensures submissions get routed to the right people for review and approval, and provides a digital paper trail to prove it.


Board Governance
Simplify board preparations and equip your board with the data and documents they need to govern wisely. Each time the board meets, board members and management must perform pre- and post-meeting tasks. For example, they might publish an advance public notice of the meeting, assemble and distribute a meeting packet, and later post any approved documents. Epicenter makes these tasks simple and routine.

Epicenter also displays board member profiles in an easy-to-use interface. Photos, titles, terms, member-related documents — they’re all there! You can even store and retrieve information on prospective candidates for the board.


Charter Life Cycle
Epicenter provides authorizers with an aligned, seamless, and integrated way to manage each stage of a school: application for a charter, start-up, operations, reauthorization, and sometimes even closure. Each stage imposes fresh demands. With Epicenter, you don’t need new software to navigate each stage of the school life cycle.


If you have any questions about Epicenter or want to learn more about any function, contact us at (855) 889-1624 and we would be happy to show you how Epicenter can make your life easier and more efficient.

05 May


Authorizers share their stories

May 5, 2017 | By |

Hear authorizers share how Epicenter has changed their work process!

06 Apr


Hear Kisha Verdusco’s Story

April 6, 2017 | By |

DPS Director Kisha Verdusco shares her Epicenter experience.

06 Apr


Did you know?

April 6, 2017 | By |

Did you know that there is a “Board Packet” feature found in the overview tab of Board Center?  This feature makes it easy to access materials from previous meetings. When enabled by a System Administrator, the Board Packet area allows board members – and others with access to the Board Center – to view and download all of the board documents for a particular board meeting that are being collected in Epicenter.  The complete set of documents from a board meeting can be quickly downloaded as a zip file or combined into a single pdf.


06 Apr


Welcoming our newest partner!

April 6, 2017 | By |

Welcome to Epicenter!
North Central Ohio Educational Service Center

The North Central Ohio Educational Service Center (NCOESC) has sponsored schools in Ohio for six years. They currently sponsor fourteen conversion schools around the state. The NCOESC is committed to excellence as they strive to become a sponsor recognized for adherence to high quality authorizing practices as defined by The Ohio Department of Education Office of Quality School Choice.

Part of their mission is to build strong partnerships with developers and educational leaders of community schools in support of school choice. Epicenter is pleased to be partnering with the NCOESC and we look forward to a strong relationship that will support their authorizing goals!

06 Apr


Newsletter Survey: Tell us what you want to read about!

April 6, 2017 | By |

The Epicenter team wants to hear from you regarding these newsletters!  We have a quick survey that will take less than two minutes to fill out, and your responses will help make these newsletters better and more tailored to your needs.  Thanks in advance for taking the survey and you can click here to start!

06 Apr


NEW: How-to videos that will guide you through Epicenter

April 6, 2017 | By |

Are you a visual person? Do you find it easier to get things done after watching a short video? If so, Epicenter has you covered!


Recently, the team at Epicenter created new updates to help you better manage your schools and increase your productivity. These updates came out in December and are designed to make Epicenter more powerful and even easier to use.  We now have updated our Setup Guide videos to reflect these improved functions.


While anyone with access to Epicenter can watch these videos, they are designed for Epicenter System Administrators. The videos are simple and offer step-by-step instructions, in plain language, on a variety of topics. For example, have you ever wondered how the different pieces of Epicenter security work? Now you can go to the Security Overview video to understand exactly how the following pieces function:

  • User Groups:
  • User Roles (including Permissions and Responsibilities);
  • Entity Groups; and
  • Role Links.

Links to all the videos are available on our Getting Started page and in the Epicenter Setup Guide. They cover the following topics:

  • Setting up boards, management organizations, and schools;
  • Setting up submission groups, types, and collections;
  • Scheduling submission requirements, including recurring, non-recurring, individual, and collection requirements;
  • Security;
  • Managing board members; and
  • Completing submission reviews and approvals.

The Epicenter team hopes these videos are useful and will assist you in complying with requirements and increasing your productivity. If you have questions, you can always reach us directly by calling us at 855-889-1624 or emailing us at