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Success Stories!


“Authorizing a portfolio of nearly 100 charter campuses, Epicenter is empowering our team and freeing up valuable time for the schools we charter.”

Scott Pearson
Executive Director
Public Charter School Board
District of Columbia


“When you consider how much oversight and compliance efforts are costing you now — not just in money but in staff time — the system really is a valuable tool.”

Kathryn Mullen Upton
Director of Sponsorship
Thomas B. Fordham Foundation


“We did not feel the previous system served to ease our workload or provide a comprehensive picture of our schools’ compliance. We needed an electronic system that allowed us to be organized and accurate in our record keeping, as well as keep us in front of statutory and contract requirement deadlines.”

Elisabeth Webb
Toledo Regional Representative
Ohio Council of Community Schools


“The system is very easy to navigate and everyone is very friendly to work with. . . . They are always more than happy to help or explain something.”

Kathy Sickles
Administrative Assistant
Community Schools Office
Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West


“There are several advantages to doing oversight with the tool, both monetary and operational:


  • Reduce travel
  • Reduce cost of oversight supplies
  • Reduce need for storage space
  • Reduce phone and FAX contact regarding compliance
  • No additional staff required for oversight


  • No FSU technical resources required
  • Secure historical archives
  • Improved data access
  • Improved report generating ability
  • CSO knows the status of each academy’s compliance on a daily basis
  • Each academy knows its compliance status on a daily basis.”

Mindy Britton
Former Compliance Auditor/Board Liaison
Charter Schools Office
Ferris State University



Hawaii State Public Charter School Commission

Nevada State Public Charter School Authority


Oklahoma State Wide Virtual Charter School Board


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