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Upcoming Release

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Five New Features that will give you a new perspective

We’ve been busy working behind the scenes on some pretty exciting improvements for the Epicenter platform. All of which will make your life even easier as you collect, share, and submit important information with your organizations! Here’s a sneak peek at some of the enhancements we've made.


New Landing Page

That’s right! Epicenter has a new look!!! The new landing page provides a fresh look and feel featuring some useful widgets and a new color scheme!


Side NavBar

Now you can quickly access centers, administration and reports from every page in Epicenter using the new side navbar!


More Mobile Friendly

The new release empowers you to access a more user friendly, mobile version of Epicenter! That way you can still be productive while you’re on the go!


ADA Compliant

Epicenter is now ADA compliant as of this release. Any and all users with a disability involving their hearing, vision or physical capabilities will now have access to Epicenter.


Security Capabilities

Last but not least, we’ve simplified the security parameters within Epicenter. It’s way easier, more modernized, and will absolutely increase performance. The changes you make within Epicenter security will allow instant access with no delay!

Keep an Eye Out for the Upcoming Training Webinars!

Summer 2020 Release Training Webinars will continue through September. Keep an eye out for the invitation in your inbox!

If you'd like to learn more about this release, please contact us!

The new release is here!
Be on the lookout for these fun new features within your Epicenter site!