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Get All the Tools You Need

Give your team focus and peace of mind


Accomplish everything with one login

Epicenter’s powerful framework equips leaders to grow and expand their organizational capacity. From processing charter applications and managing compliance, to automating workflow and evaluating performance, Epicenter has everything you need to get results.  If you need to do more with less, Epicenter is here to help.


Work seamlessly with other organizations

Oversight shouldn’t be a tug-of-war. When a school, board, and authorizer share Epicenter, everyone’s role is defined.  Working from a common calendar, it is easy to see what’s coming and to align for success.  Like a great rowing team, everyone pulls in the same direction.

Stay up-to-date on what comes next

Eliminate the need to track down people and documents. Epicenter sends automatic email alerts, reminders and updates about tasks to the people responsible. Everyone can see what’s expected, who’s responsible, and what’s coming next.


Know where each school stands

Epicenter provides important information about a school’s — or a portfolio of schools’ — performance.  Whether you’re focused on compliance and reporting, or academic, financial and organizational performance, Epicenter has you covered.  

Simplify application reviews

Managing all the moving parts associated with a fair and rigorous charter application or renewal process often involves multiple teams of reviewers and approvers. Epicenter smoothly tracks and coordinates the process.


Make the routine, routine

Epicenter simplifies and brings consistency to the management of recurring tasks and events.  You can easily tie a group of activities together that can automatically be scheduled with a task or event. It makes setting up compliance activities and monthly board meetings a breeze.

Keep your information safe and secure

Your information is delivered through encrypted communication channels to a secure data center with nightly backups and enterprise-class anti-virus software. Your data is yours — and no one else’s.


It’s easy to get started

We want you to succeed. We’re part of the charter schools movement, too.

   No hidden costs

   Simple to learn

   No software to install

   Easy online training

   No user limit

   Accessible 24/7/365

   Flexible framework

   Works on any device

Outstanding Customer Support!



“I have had great support, whether it was via email or telephone. There is always a prompt and insightful response from the customer support team!”

Ashli Goble
Board Relations Compliance Manager
Connections Academy | Maryland

“The system is very easy to navigate, and everyone is very friendly to work with. … They are always more than happy to help or explain something.”

Kathy Sickles
Administrative Assistant
Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West | Ohio