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Empowering Authorizers
Empowering Authorizers
Empowering Boards
Empowering Schools
Empowering Schools

A Web-Based Solution for Advancing Excellence in Education

Schools • Boards • Authorizers • Service Providers • Associations


Everything You Need, All in One Login

From processing charter applications and managing compliance
to automating workflow and evaluating performance, Epicenter has everything you need to get results.

What It Means for You

Confidence. Results. Peace-of-Mind.

  • Focus on your mission
  • Save time and money
  • Improve communications
  • Keep your team in sync
  • Clarify roles & responsibilities
  • Demonstrate results
  • Eliminate surprises
  • Serve as a model for excellence

Making a Difference for Kids



Focus on Your Mission

With Epicenter, you can rest assured that you have a system in place to help manage the details, so your team can spend more time on the things that truly matter.


Advance Your Cause

With Epicenter, you’ll have instant access to the documents and information you need to make informed decisions and tell your story.

Compliance & Workflow

Be efficient. Boost transparency!


A System for Success

More is achieved when schools, boards, authorizers, and support organizations are aligned and working together. That’s why Epicenter is designed to allow collaboration within and across organizations. By sharing a common platform, everyone has access to the documents and information they need to fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

Make Compliance Easier

Imagine the larger impact you could have, if you spent less time keeping track of everything you’re supposed to comply with, chasing documents, repeating directions, and monitoring reports. Epicenter streamlines and automates these functions so they become routine, freeing you up to spend more time on your core mission.

Eliminate Excuses. Get Peace of Mind.

Using a shared calendar of expectations, Epicenter automatically notifies and reminds people what’s due, when, and to whom. Then its workflow engine ensures submissions get routed to the right people for review and approval. You’ll even have a digital paper trail to prove it.

Hear it for yourself

Epicenter empowers its users to work faster and more efficiently!

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