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Board Governance

Be ready to focus on what matters

Planning and preparation are essential for success. Simplify board preparations and equip your board with the data and documents they need to govern wisely. Whether working with a portfolio of boards or individual boards, Epicenter simplifies board, member, and meeting management.

Epicenter enhances the board-CEO relationship by simplifying necessary tasks to prepare for board meetings. The enhanced coordination and communication creates more time for the board to align around what truly matters.

Hassle-Free Board Meetings

Make the routine, routine

Each time the board meets, the board members and management must perform similar pre- and post-meeting tasks. For example, they might publish an advance public notice of the meeting, assemble and distribute a meeting packet, and later post the minutes that the board approved for the prior meeting. Epicenter makes the activities associated with board meetings simple and routine.

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Keep Board Documents Where They’ll Actually Be Used

Spare your members those three-ring binders

With Epicenter, your board has its most important documents stored in a single place. The board’s policies may fill hundreds of pages and change often, but in Epicenter, each version can easily be saved, retrieved and electronically searched. The same is true of past meeting documents and member-related paperwork like background checks and conflict-of-interest questionnaires. This ready access doesn’t help just your board members; it’s a force multiplier if you’re an authorizer or service provider working with numerous schools.


Contracts & Policies

Meeting Archives

Member-Related Documents

Know Your Board

Photos, contact information and more!

Epicenter displays board member profiles in an easy-to-use interface. Photos, titles, terms, member-related documents — they’re all there! You can even store and retrieve information on prospective candidates for the board.

This feature is particularly helpful if you work with multiple boards. With Epicenter, you can refresh your memory by reviewing member profiles and board packets on your smart phone before you head into a board meeting.

What It Means for You

Better governance. Better results.

Single Board

  • Have a secure, accessible location for all your board documents.
  • Keep member profiles and information immediately accessible.
  • Prepare for the future with detailed board candidate profiles.

Multiple Boards

  • Give your boards a secure online platform for their work.
  • Schedule regular meetings and related tasks in just minutes.
  • Never be at a loss for a board member’s name and background.

“Epicenter lets me view files on my Galaxy smartphone! It is wonderful to be able to check documents as they arrive and to access board schedules, agendas and minutes anytime so that I can be on top of what’s happening.”

Wendy Swanson Choi
Executive Director
Novation Education Opportunities | Minnesota

“We find that Epicenter isn’t just a tool for communication between us and our schools; it’s a communications tool that schools can use to connect with their board members, auditors, grantors, and others as they review important documents together.”

David Greenberg
Director of Charter School Authorizing
Audubon Center of the North Woods | Minnesota